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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 1, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news on this wednesday, june 1st. >> sarah palin's bus tour hits the big apple. seeing the sights. and sharing a slice with the donald. but is she stealing the spotlight from serious candidates? and fighter jets scramble over washington, d.c., after a fistfight breaks out over a transatlantic flight. and a rare overnight touchdown, as nasa turns its focus to the final shuttle mission. good morning. if it's wednesday, then it must be new york city. >> that can be what's in sarah palin's thoughts this morning, following her pow wow last night
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with donald trump. with presidential politics on everyone's lips, the pair praised each other and had a little pizza. >> it's so weird to see them there. it is the littlest stop on a bus tour that's getting plenty of palin attention. john hendren joins us now this morning with more. a couple of slices and maybe candidates we're looking at. who knows? >> that's right. good morning, daniel and peggy. the 2012 field is filling out. but sarah palin will not say whether or not she's in it. despite the high-profile, low-cost deal. call it the pizza summit. both millionaires. both reality tv stars. and an unlikely dinner of pepperoni pie. the donald took himself out of the running for now. but sarah palin, with her tour bus, call her 2012-curious. looking likely to run against palin, fellow tea party favorite, michele bachmann, who just happens to be visiting a key campaign state.
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>> we'll be making our announcement next month. and we'll be making it in the city where i was born, conveniently enough in waterloo, iowa. >> reporter: with supporters asking, will she or won't she? declared candidate, tim pawlenty and mitt romney, having a hard time to get attention. >> you don't see people coelessing behind a single candidate or not. >> reporter: a group of gop donors arrived for a dinner with governor chris christie. >> we're going to encourage him to get in the race. >> reporter: one way to hold the public interest, keep them guessing. that's what texas governor, rick perry, utah governor, huntsman, and rudy giuliani are doing. palin takes her tour to ellis island. but polls show support for palin is narrow. and that could leave republican voters still searching for the party's standard bearer.
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reducing the federal debt is a major challenge for whatever candidate occupies the white house. last night, the white house rejected a $2 trillion increase in the amount of money that the government can borrow. republican leaders said the vote would send a message that there can be no more spending without cutbacks. anthony weiner said he wanted to talk about the debt ceiling and other issues. but he couldn't get away from questions about that lewd photo sent from his twitter account. the new york democrat refused to say why he's not requested a formal investigation. he basically said, the story is over. >> i have, i think, said this a couple of ways. and i'll say it again. i'm not going to permit myself to be distracted by this. >> are you going to go to that question? >> you're very good at -- >> you're not following. >> why don't you let me do the answers and you do the questions. >> okay. well, wiener has hired an
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attorney now. the man accused of masterminding the 9/11 attacks is once again being charged in connection with them. khalid sheikh mohammed and four others have been held at guantanamo bay since the charges were dropped against them two years ago. that's when the obama administration hoped to end military commission trials. the suspects will be tried in one of those commissions. this morning we're learning about an emergency landing in washington, d.c. triggered by a midair fistfight between two passengers. check this out. a pair of f-16 fighter jets, like these seen here, were scrambled sunday night to escort a united airlines plane back to dulles airport. the flight had taken off for the african nation of ghana, when the pilot reported the commotion to air traffic control. >> we have a passenger secured. >> negative. the passenger is not secured at this time. the passenger has settled down, though. but an assault has taken place. but at this time, he is not
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secured. >> the fight reportedly started when one passenger hit another for reclining his seat too far. the fighter jets trailed the plane for half an hour, so the pilot could dump some of the 57 tons of fuel onboard. after that, no arrests were made. the fight was postponed until the next day. history was made overnight at the kennedy space center, as the space shuttle "endeavour" made its final landing. kevin oliver of our station wftv reports. >> gear down and locked. >> reporter: after globe trotting for 19 years, the space shuttle "endeavour" slided into the kennedy space center for the last time. >> welcome home, "endeavour." >> it's sad to see her land for the last time. but she really has a great legacy. >> reporter: "endeavour" was built out of spare parts after the "challenger" accident. and has flown more than 123 million miles since it was first launched in 1992. shuttle commander, mark kelly,
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will head back to houston thursday, and be reunited with his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords underwent surgery while the mission was under way. "endeavour" landed as the space shuttle "atlantis" made its way to the launch pad. thousands came out to see the last of the orbiters make the overnight trip. >> it's hard to say good-bye to the program. but on the other hand, look at the great things we've accomplished. >> reporter: a small crew will fly accord "atlantis" in july. with no other shuttle waiting to rescue them if there's a problem. as for "endeavour," crews will now drain toxic fuel and remove critical components, while nasa and the california science museum figure out how to move the space shuttle to a museum near downtown los angeles. at the kennedy space center, kevin oliver, for abc news. >> sure to be a popular attraction there. and a busy morning at the kennedy space center. let's take a live look at the runway. the crew is off the orbiter. and they will give a news
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conference coming up later today. you see so many people taking a look at the shuttle. pretty incredible. >> amazing stuff. astronauts will go through medical checks. we'll be hearing from them. a lot of folks want to hear from mark kelly. he'll be reunited with gabrielle giffords in houston today. >> that will be remarkable. now, looking at this morning's weather from around the country. severe afternoon storms from raleigh to new york and northern new england. stormy from sioux falls to wichita, with gusty winds, hail, and a chance of tornadoes. rain from seattle to san francisco. high-elevation snow in the sierra nevada, cascades and rockies. >> 96 in albuquerque. 99 in phoenix. omaha hits 83. 90s from dallas to atlanta and baltimore. upper 80s in boston and here in new york. if you're a stock watcher, you've been feeling. what's behind the worst month in almost a year. plus, apple's guru, you know him as steve jobs, prepared to
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make a rare announcement. and the alarming news for the world's 5 billion cell phone users. a new warning about cancer.
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and as predicted, gas prices are falling. the energy department says that gas is now at its lowest level in seven weeks. down 5 1/2 cents in the past week. the average price for a gallon of regular is sitting at $3.79. oil prices are edging higher.
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so, that respite might not last. there's little change in overseas markets. tokyo's nikkei average gained 0.25% today. hong kong's hang seng lost the same amount. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow was up 128 points. the nasdaq index was up 38. and despite that strong finish yesterday, may was the worst month for u.s. markets since last august. the dow fell about 241 points or almost 2%. after five months of gains, thanksed to continued reminders that the u.s. economy is still not doing well. apple has confirmed that steve jobs himself will unveil the much-anticipated i-cloud service at next month's developers conference. no details have been released. but i-cloud is expected to go head-to-head, with music streaming services launched by google and amazon. lady gaga has set a digital sales record. perhaps helped along by her
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appearance on "good morning america" last week. lady gaga's "born this way" album, sold 1.1 million copies ov overall. coming up next, the nba finals begin with a bang, as miami's dream team delivers victory number one. bracing for the next round of flooding. many states watching the water this morning. [ female announcer ] you do so much... to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice. an easy way to defend your health everyday. learn more about prebiotics and get a free sample at
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bracing for severe flooding, as large packs of snow continue to melt. workers in omaha are setting up steel gates to hold back water from the swollen missouri river. looking at our morning road conditions. wet on i-95 from new england to north carolina. and from jacksonville to miami.
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slick with ryan on i-80, from omaha to des moines. also on i-70 across kansas. wet on i-5, from seattle to sacramento. icy spots on i- 0 in the sierra nevad nevadas. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in boston, new york, philly, d.c., and san francisco. a new warning this morning about the possible link between cell phones and brain cancer. >> an international panel of experts is sounding the alarm. jim sciutto has a look at the research and the reaction. >> reporter: this is your brain with the cell phone turned off. and this is your brain with the cell phone turned on. notice the red areas at the top. studies established that radiation increases brain wave activity. the w.h.o. concluded that low-level radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer. a 2010 study showed that people who used cell phones for more than ten years has doubled the
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rate of a rare brain tumor. the director of the w.h.o.'s cancer research arm said, in a statement, given the potential consequences for public health, it is important to take pragmatic pressures to reduce exposure. a small but growing group of scientists say that the cancers involved take years and even decades to develop, there's a need to act now. >> a lot more research needs to be done. but science is very slow on these matters. >> reporter: ctia, the group representing the wireless industry, noted the w.h.o. did not conduct any new research. adding, in the past, it's given the same score to pickled vegetables and coffee. ellie marks blames her husband's brain cancer on 20 years of cell phone use. noting the tumor grew on the side of his head where he held his cell phone. do you wish a warning like this had come out years ago? >> absolutely. had he known, he never would have held the phone to his head.
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>> reporter: no group has recommended we stop using cell phones. but some, such as the american cancer society, say those who want to change, should consider using headsets or the speakerphone option. jim sciutto, abc news, washington. we asked our chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser, about the significance of the w.h.o.'s recommendations. take a listen. >> the w.h.o. is a very important organization. when they speak, you need to pay attention. they're not saying here that cell phones definitely cause cancer. what they're saying is they can't rule out that possibility. more studies need to be done. and in the meantime, there's precautions you can take. that's just wise advice. >> for more ways to protect yourself while using a cell phone, logon to driver fatigue is said to be a factor in a deadly bus crush in virginia. four women died and dozens were injured when the discount bus swerved off the road and turned over. the driver is facing reckless driving charges. the bus company has been
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involved in a series of accidents over the last two years. it was an especially emotional day in the casey anthony murder trial. as casey anthony's mother broke down in tears on the stand. prosecutors played 911 tapes about her granddaughter's disappearance. one of the calls reported that the little girl had been missing for 31 days. lebron james and his miami heat have a lot of work to do in the nba finals series with the dallas mavericks. at least it's not as much as dallas has to do, as we hear now from espn news. >> good morning. i'm don bell with your espn news update. a huge game one of the nba finals. dwyane wade and lebron james and the heat taking on dirk nowitzki and the dallas mavs. second quarter we go. jason kidd, going up top to tyson chandler with the jam. mavs up one at the half. we go to the third. dirk nowitzki, top of the key. hits the mid range "j." the mavs led by five at that point. later on, lebron james, straight
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away, top of the key. heat leads 50-69. five seconds remaining in the third. lebron, closer again. fadeaway three. at the buzzer, just beating the buzzer. the heat go up 65-61. fourth quarter, now. dirk posting up. dallas having some issues from the field. jason terry, shooting a three. no good. they shot 37% from the field. here's dirk again. fading away. he had 27 points. needed to score more than that for his dallas ball club. under five minutes remaining. dwyane wade over jason kidd. wade had 22 points. now, lebron james, showing some flash in the lane. he was fouled on the play. the heat lead 85-75 after the free throw. later on, wade, to lebron james. king james, 24 points, 9 boards, 5 assists. heat take game one, 92-84.
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that is the very latest on the sports scene. i'm don bell. >> good game. really good game. a lovely story, now, from houston. a girlfriend was waiting for him at the airport, when passengers from his flight started giving her roses. >> finally, george dalton showed up with more flowers and what was really important. after messing with his backpack a little bit, oh, what did he pull out? he got down on one knee and proposed. >> of course, she said yes. that's romantic. they will be married when he gets back from iraq for good. i think she had a clue when all of the roses started showing up. coming up next, the stories that we'll be following today. what's sarah palin up to? a lot of questions after her pizza pow wow with the trumpster. and the feat that this minnesota will begin today. the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia --
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so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new from neutrogena naturals. and now, look ahead at the stories we'll be watching this wednesday. after meeting with donald trump over some pizza in new york, sarah palin continues her current tour by visiting the statue of liberty and ellis island. then, it's back on the bus for a ride to -- well, no one really knows where. president obama meets with leading republicans at the white house, to discuss the ever-increasing federal debt. lawmakers don't want to increase the borrowing power without a plan to cut spending. vice president biden is on a
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holiday of sorts. marking the anniversary of the unification of italy. he will have a meeting with prime minister silvio berlusconi. and the atlantic hurricane season gets under way today. june is expected to be a quiet month as usual. but forecasters are predicting an active season, with 13 named storms. the first storm will be named arlene. the crew of the space shuttle "endeavour" is now back on earth after landing overnight in florida. commander mark kelly and five other astronauts will hold a news conference this morning. kelly travels to houston tomorrow to reunite his wife. a minnesota man is setting out today on a rather audunique three-month journal, trying to paddle board the entire mississippi river. he plans to paddle eight hours a day. is that relaxing? or is it a workout? >> it's like a modern-day
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huckleberry finn. but on one of those surfboards. eight hours a day for three months. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everybody else, "america news is next. >> for everybody else, "america this morning" continues. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lilly and i are back on the road again, where we belong. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] get up to $6 in savings on zyrtec® products at
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for me, pristiq is a key in helping me treat my depression. all right. as we've been talking about, another shuttle crew is safely
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back on earth after 16 days in space. a flawless landing. >> it was pretty amazing. just in case you weren't up at 2:30 eastern this morning, let's look at the final landing of "endeavour" as it happened. >> there's a view of the space shuttle "endeavour" as it's coming in for a landing. gear down and locked. and gear touchdown. drag chute deployed by greg johnson. forward gear touchdown. and so, after a journey of 6 1/2 million miles, "endeavour" landing in darkness. but illuminated by the ingenuity of everybody that helped it fly.
4:29 am
the ship completing its 122 millionth mile, as they delivered a instrument to the international space station. >> houston, "endeavour" will stop. >> 122 million miles flown during 25 challenging space flights. your landing is a vibrant legacy for this vehicle, that will long be remembered. welcome home, "endeavour." >> yeah, thank you, houston. you know, the space shuttle is an amazing vehicle. to fly through the atmosphere, hit it at mach 25. i mean, steer through the atmosphere like an airplane, land on the runway. it is really an incredible ship. on behalf of my entire crew, i want to thank every american that's worked hard to get this mission going. and every person that's worked on "endeavour." it's sad to see her land for the last time. but she really has a great legacy. >> what a


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